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Historisches Museum Frankfurt Bought Collected Looted? How things came into the museum - Documentation .. Product #: 978-3-96320-028-1 Regular price: $9.48 $9.48
Autor: Historisches Museum Frankfurt
ISBN: 978-3-96320-028-1

€ 9.95
Netto: € 9.48

Buchvorschau - Bought, Collected, Looted?:



Bought. Collected. Looted? 

How things came into the museum

Under the title Bought. Collected. Looted?, four Frankfurt museums have joined forces to show, in the words of exhibition's subheading "how things came into the museum". Addressing and coming to terms with the provenance of their exhibits and the objects in their collections is both a necessary and important process for museum.

The impetus for this project came from preparations to show the temporary exhibition Legalised Theft. The Fiscal Authorities and the Plundering of the Jews of hesse 1933-1945 by the Fritz Bauer Institute and the Hessischer Rundfunk. The Historical Museum invited the other museums to similarly address the topic of provenance research in their collections. The original idea was to develop smaller satellite presentations, but these quickly grew into independent exhibitions.

In this process, each of these museums opened up different perspectives on the topic.

Historical Museum Frankfurt
Jewish Museum Frankfurt/Judengasse Museum 
Museum Angewandt Kunst
Weltkulturen Museum

Managing Editors: 
Angela Janelli (HistoricalMuseum Frankfurt)
Gottfried Kößler (Fritz Bauer Institut)

28 × 20 cm
92 pages, with numerous illustrations






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